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20090921 Biển Đông Máu Lệ_4_Hòn Ngọc Viễn Đông 28

Dưới đây là loại phi đạn tầm trung (Medium Range Ballistic Missile = MRBM) DF- 4 cùng khả năng 4,760 km = 2,950 mi của phi đạn có thể bao vùng từ Côn Minh cho tới Kuala Lumpur của Malaysia.

DF-4 (CSS-3) Dong Feng 4
Intermediate range ballistic missile. IOC: 1981. Country: China. Status: Retired 2005?. Department of Defence Designation: CSS-3. Popular Name: Dong-Feng 4.
Development of the DF-4 began in 1964 with the objective of fielding a ballistic missile capable of hitting Guam. The technical solution was to add a second stage to the DF-3 IRBM.
The two stage vehicle consisting of 1 x DF3-YF2A + 1 x DF4-YF3. It would form the basis of the CZ-1 satellite launch vehicle.
Manufacturer: CALT. Launches: 1.First Launch Date: 1970-01-30. Last Launch Date: 1970-01-30. Launch data is: incomplete. Apogee: 500 km (310 mi). Liftoff Thrust: 1,224.000 kN (275,166 lbf). Total Mass: 82,000 kg (180,000 lb). Core Diameter: 2.25 m (7.38 ft). Total Length: 28.05 m (92.02 ft). Span: 2.74 m (8.98 ft). Standard warhead mass: 2,190 kg (4,820 lb).Maximum range: 4,760 km (2,950 mi). Number Standard Warheads: 1. Standard warhead yield: 3,300 KT. Standard warhead CEP: 1.19 km (0.73 mi). Boost Propulsion: Storable liquid rocket, Nitric acid/UDMH. Guidance: Inertial. Total Number Built: 10.
Stage1: 1 x CZ-YF-2. Gross Mass: 64,100 kg (141,300 lb). Empty Mass: 4,100 kg (9,000 lb). Motor: 4 x YF-2A. Thrust (vac): 1,224.575 kN (275,295 lbf). Isp: 268 sec.Burn time: 130 sec. Length: 17.84 m (58.53 ft). Diameter: 2.25 m (7.38 ft). Propellants: Nitric acid/UDMH.
Stage2: 1 x CZ-1-2. Gross Mass: 15,000 kg (33,000 lb). Empty Mass: 2,700 kg (5,900 lb). Motor: 1 x YF-2A. Thrust (vac): 306.143 kN (68,824 lbf). Isp: 275 sec. Burn time: 110 sec. Length: 5.35 m (17.55 ft). Diameter: 2.25 m (7.38 ft). Propellants: Nitric acid/UDMH.
Official name: DongFeng 4 (DF-4)NATO reporting name: CSS-3Contractor: China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT)Service status: In serviceConfiguration: Two-stage, liquid propellantDeployment: Silo and semi-mobile (towed trailer)Propellant: Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine/Nitrogen Tetroxide mix (UDMH/N2H4)Length: 28mDiameter: 2.25mLaunch weight: 82,000kgRange: 4,750kmRe-entry vehicle mass: 2,200kgWarhead: Single, 1,000~3,000kT yield thermalnuclearGuidance: InertialAccuracy: CEP 1,500mLaunch preparation time: 3~5 hours (mobile), or 2~3 hours (silo)
Last update: 19 February 2009

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