Wednesday, July 18, 2018

20180718 Bản tin biển Đông.

20180718 Bản tin biển Đông.
China's territorial claims in South China Sea could harm Washington state companies
CNAS’ Flashpoints Page: Security in the East and South China Seas
Fish: The Overlooked Destabilizer in the South China Sea
China Vs South Korea: Chinese fisherman killed in Yellow Sea during crackdown on illegal fishing
As China’s new Communist Party leaders take power, they face a more outspoken military brass.
China will send fishing boats to block the Southeast Asia Sea. 
What Lessons Do China’s Island Bases Offer The US Army?
5 stories you need to read to understand the South China Sea ruling
The act of robbing, invading by force will not give China the right for its sovereignty in the South China Sea.
Why China Has the Right to ‘Build Sovereignty’ in the South China Sea
Breaking News - Permanent Arbitration Court Ruled China Nine Dash Lines Claim Invalid
China's 9-Dash Line Claim Is Bogus - 10 Reasons Why
US, Japanese, Australian warships dock in PH this week amid sea tensions
Three Australian warships challenged by China when passing through South-China sea
Beijing's Hungry Cow's Tongue in the South China Sea

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