Wednesday, August 1, 2018

20180802 Bản tin biển Đông

South China Sea update: the future Vietnam-China standoff

Panel: China Continues to Coerce South China Sea Neighbors with its Maritime Forces

Eighth Annual South China Sea Conference
Panel: China Establishing a ‘Grey Zone of Coercion’ in South China Sea
11 dashed line in 1947 and 10 dashed line in 2009.

Chinese Warships Made ‘Innocent Passage’ Through U.S. Territorial Waters off Alaska

Chinese MOD Calls for a Stop of U.S. ‘Close-In’ Surveillance Flights
Chinese Navy Issues Angry Warning to US Plane in South China Sea - Audio Recording
Chinese Miliary Confronts U.S. Spy Plane: Leave Immediatey! You Go! Please Go Away Quickly!
Chinese Carrier Completes Training Mission
Việt Nam chính thức 'T-Ừ CH-Ố-I' người Việt bị Mỹ gởi về?

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