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20130825 Bằng Chứng Bán Nước Tại Thành Đô.

20130825 Bằng Chứng Bán Nước Tại Thành Đô.

Từ lâu chúng tôi đã đề cập đến vấn đề tội bán nước Việt Nam của giặc Ba đình cho rợ Hán qua nhiều đề tài khác nhau, hôm nay chúng tôi xin công bố một bằng chứng bán nước Việt Nam tại Thành đô của giặc Ba đình. Tài liệu nầy được dịch từ bản tiến Hán ra tiếng Anh trong nhật ký đối ngoại của Lý Bằng trong đó có việc giặc Ba đình đi van nài rợ Hán về việc bình thường hoá ngoại giao để nhận thêm viện trợ từ rợ Hán.
Trong ngày 06 tháng 11 năm 1991 Lý Bằng và Võ Văn Kiệt thảo luận về việc đòi nợ của rợ Hán và đi vay nợ của giặc Ba đình.

Foreign Affairs Li Diary: normalization of relations between Vietnam
January 2, 2008 08:00:00 Source: Xinhua

Smile can melt away allies and enemies – the normalization of Sino-Vietnamese relations

(Độ tận kiếp ba huynh đệ tại, tương phùng nhất tiếu mẫn ân cừu – thơ Lỗ Tấn)

The late 1970s, the Vietnamese troops in Cambodia. In 1979, the Sino-Vietnamese relations bottoming out. December 1986, served as the CPV Central Committee General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh. As the international situation changes, especially in Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union, Nguyen Van Linh adjustment policies, seeking to normalize relations with China. 
After a secret liaison both China and Vietnam in 1990, 3 to 4 September, accompanied by Vietnam Nguyen Van Linh Council of Ministers Xi Dumei with Chinese leaders met in Chengdu, which became a turning point in the normalization of Sino-Vietnamese relations. November 1991, the new CPV General Secretary Do Muoi, etc. to visit China and Vietnam announced the normalization of relations between the two countries.
Rainy Friday, December 26
Viet Cong Nguyen Van Linh has six elected general secretary of the Viet Cong, who died in July, succeeding former General Secretary Le Duan.
Saturday, August 26 rainy
today announced Vietnam from Cambodia "total withdrawal." This problem is resolved smoothly to create the conditions in Cambodia, but also for the normalization of Sino-Vietnamese relations cleared the obstacle.

Turning point in Sino-Vietnamese relations - Chengdu conference

June 6 Wednesday Partly
Defense in Vietnam General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh, met Zhang Dewei ambassador.Nguyen hopes the two countries, the normalization of relations between the two parties and hope for an early visit.
Sunday, August 26 rainy
About CPV General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh Vietnam and other key leaders regarding internal access to China, I told Comrade Jiang Zemin, he expressed full support.
Monday, August 27 Rain
on Jiang Zemin and I will meet Nguyen Van Linh issue, I reported to Comrade Deng Xiaoping. Given the Asian Games held in Beijing, and the meeting involved the normalization of relations between China and Vietnam, stakes, for ease of confidential talks locations to be arranged in Chengdu.
August 30 Thursday Partly 
Jiang Zemin and I went to Chengdu with CPV General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh, the Vietnamese Council of Ministers Xi Dumei internal talks has been submitted to the Vietnamese invitation. Now to see how Vietnam responded.
September 2 Sunday Partly 
15:30, I west of Beijing by special plane from airport, the Chengdu airport arrived around 6:00.We go through more than 20 minutes by car from the hotel to reach the Taurus, the provincial party secretary Rudai waiting. Comrade Jiang Zemin took another plane half an hour later I arrived in Chengdu. Evening 8:30 to 11:00 and I tomorrow Comrade Jiang Zemin talks with Vietnam policy exchange of views.
Monday, September 3, Chengdu Clear

September 3, 1990, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng in Chengdu CPV General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh (third from right), Vietnamese Council of Ministers Xi Dumei (second from right), Communist Party of Vietnam Central Advisory Pham Van Dong (right) talking together 
Morning, Comrade Jiang Zemin at me, and he continued to study the afternoon talks with Vietnam policy. 
14:00 or so, the CPV Central Committee General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh, Council of Ministers and the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Advisory Xi Dumei Pham Van Dong arrived in Chengdu Taurus hotels, Jiang Zemin, and I greet them in the 1st bungalow. Nguyen Van Linh dressed in a brown suit, some scholars demeanor. Dumay body is still strong, all white hair, wearing a blue suit. They are seventy-three-year-old man, and Pham Van Dong poor vision binocular cataracts, cadres wearing a blue suit, like China's cadres. 
Afternoon, the talks began, Nguyen Van Linh first made ​​a lengthy speech. While expressing a desire to quickly resolve the problem in Cambodia, and said that establishment of the Cambodian Supreme Council is a priority, should not exclude any party, but expressed reluctance to interfere in the internal affairs of Cambodia. Opinion on the issue in Cambodia, Nguyen Van Linh just want to make a policy statement, but to focus on the normalization of Sino-Vietnamese relations. 
Talks continued until 20:00, 8:30 dinner began. At the dinner table, my Comrade Jiang Zemin were made ​​Dumay and Nguyen Van Linh's work.
Tuesday, September 4 overcast 
morning, we continue to meet with Vietnamese leaders. At this point, the meeting should be said that the issues raised have been more successful in reaching a consensus, decided to draft a meeting.
14:30, both China and Vietnam in the 1st bungalow Taurus Hotel held a signing ceremony, the two sides signed by the General Secretary and the Prime Minister. Sino-Vietnamese relations which is a historic turning point. Comrade Jiang Zemin on the spot gift Vietnamese poem "crossing the brothers despite the smile can melt away allies and enemies." This poem by Lu Xun. (Độ tận kiếp ba huynh đệ tại, tương phùng nhất tiếu mẫn ân cừu – thơ Lỗ Tấn) In this regard, the Vietnamese comrades said he was delighted. 
16:00, the plane took off back to Beijing, arrived around 6:10.

Seven held CPV
Saturday, June 29
closing seven Vietcong, Muoi was elected General Secretary Nguyen Van Linh, Pham Van Dong as a consultant. Vietcong seven general tone is to uphold socialism and carry out economic reforms, advocated the more the Soviet Union, Vietnam and friendly. The spirit of the meeting is conducive to the improvement of Sino-Vietnamese relations.
Tuesday, July 30 Beijing sunny 
afternoon, I met with the Special Representative of the CPC Central Committee in Vietnam Le Duc Anh and the Red River (Hồng Hà!). They demanded high-level meeting held in Vietnam. I said that in order to be prepared for the two peoples, other ASEAN countries will not have misgivings about China and Vietnam should be met with Deputy Foreign Minister and Foreign Minister level, as high-level meeting, China believes that in principle there is no problem. General Secretary Jiang Zemin tomorrow they will make a formal response. About the normalization of Sino-Vietnamese economic relations, can the principle of equality and mutual benefit, the two sides negotiated settlement counterparts, China on trade, postal, air and shipping, bank settlement, restoring land transport were positive attitude.

The normalization of Sino-Vietnam relations
November 5 Tuesday Partly 
17:00, Comrade Jiang Zemin at the Great Hall, and I was outside the East Gate Plaza, the Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Do Muoi and the Council of Ministers held a welcoming ceremony for President Vo Van Kiet's visit. Next, we held talks. Dumay clear attitude on the Taiwan issue. Comrade Jiang Zemin said that bilateral relations have undergone a period of twists and turns later, the leaders of the two countries sit together today to hold high-level meeting is of great significance. This is an end to the past and open up future meeting, which marked the normalization of bilateral relations, the development of bilateral relations is bound to have a profound impact. Muoi said normalization of relations between Vietnam and China meet the aspirations of the two peoples and the fundamental interests, but also conducive to regional and world peace and stability. Then, at the banquet.
November 6 Wednesday Partly 
afternoon, I and the Vietnamese President Vo talks with the Council of Ministers, and the atmosphere is very good. Let me first point out that Jiang Zemin and General Secretary Do Muoi morning had very good talks, a full exchange of views. On the Taiwan issue, Vo Van Kiet stand good. I'm in talks on debt, borders, refugees and other issues point to (đòi nợ!). The two sides agreed to a later meeting. Vietnam put forward a new project loans (vay nợ), and I promise the first project on the Vietnamese side to be investigated. On Cambodia, I pointed out that a comprehensive political settlement of the Cambodian problem agreement has been signed in Paris, implementation of the agreement the parties still need to continue their efforts.
November 7 Thursday Partly 
afternoon, Vietnam bilateral trade agreements and border affairs concerning handling the Interim Agreement signed at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Party and government leaders of the two countries attended the signing ceremony, and then I with Comrade Jiang Zemin and Do Muoi and Vo farewell. They will travel to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to visit.

Comrade Li Peng new "peaceful development cooperation - Li Foreign Affairs journal," recently published by Xinhua Publishing House, the National Xinhua Bookstore. "Peaceful development and cooperation" is Li diary writings sixth series, five portions of the Three Gorges, nuclear power, the NPC and economic diary. Foreign Affairs journal publishing, make this series of books covering a broader, richer, systems and complete.
"Peaceful development cooperation" with Comrade Li Peng served as Vice Premier, the Prime Minister and chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, namely the 1983 - 2003 20 years on foreign affairs for the content of the diary of the trunk, complemented by a small amount of relevant speeches and news editing percent. The book is nearly 1000 income diary, in chronological order is divided into four parts, 80 topics. Book income 230 pieces of photos, the vast majority for the first time published.
An upcoming issue of "peaceful development cooperation - Foreign Affairs Li Diary" is a diary series Li writings sixth, five portions of the Three Gorges, nuclear power, the NPC and economic diary. Foreign Affairs journal publishing, make this series of books covering a broader, richer, systems and complete.
"Peaceful Development Cooperation - Li Foreign Affairs Diaries" is the second in August 2003, "Chung Chi painted grand - Li Gorges Diary" published, I have edited the sixth diary genre of books.
From 1983 to 2003, 20 years, I have worked in the State Department and the NPC Standing Committee work. Due to the need, I visited over 104 countries, including some countries more than once visited. In addition, I often participate in domestic affairs activities, and attended many international conferences. This book documented these events, from one side reflects the country pursues an independent foreign policy of peace, emphasis on good neighborly relations, as China's economic construction and social development to create a favorable international environment and favorable external conditions, safeguarding world peace and promoting common development period history.
After World War II, the German one is divided into two: the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. I in May 1984 and June 1986 two visits Federal Republic of Germany. Through the visit, I understand the Federal Republic of Germany 40 years after the war, political and economic changes: complete liquidation of the fascist political crimes; economy has made great progress, economic output ranks first in Europe, third in the world, worthy said the locomotive for economic development in Western Europe. China since the reform and opening up, and the Federal Republic of Germany in economic and technical cooperation is satisfactory. Federal Republic of Germany provided China iron and steel, electricity, railways, ports and other infrastructure industries of high-quality equipment, and technology transfer is relatively open. My first visit to Germany also contributed to the Federal Republic of Germany and Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Plant JV factory production Santana cars. In addition, the Federal German landscape, heritage, customs, etc., as well as the Federal German people conscientious, meticulous style, gave me a deep impression.

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