Saturday, January 2, 2016

20160101 China Navy disguised boat 0009880 committed a crime in Vietnam waters

On 01/01/2016 China Navy disguised boat 0009880 rammed and sunk Vietnamese fishing boat Qng98459 in Vietnam waters at Longitude 17° 07'N and Latitude 108°20'60.00"E.

After took over Paracel Islands since 19/01/1974, China kept on sending its navy boat which disguised under fishing boat and attacked Vietnamese fishing boats in Vietnam waters. In near future China will use the navy fishing boats to attack any ship or small boat in this sea lane to carry out its 9 dash claimed and the human-shield-fishing-boat will be the main force to take over every single island in Southeast Asia Sea. 

Not only stop in Southeast Asia Sea, first chain island, China will advances to build second island chain and will take over Philippines gradually and goes on to South. 

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